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  • Image of INDOOR VOICES : S/T
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BG034 Indoor Voices 12" EP

This four-song, 45rpm 12" EP from Canadian dream-poppers INDOOR VOICES comes in an old-style tip-on matte jacket and is available on Classic Black or Milky Clear vinyl. Top notch!

1. Still
2. So smart
3. After
4. Hung out

The new 12" 45rpm vinyl release features guest vocalists -- all women who have crossed paths (through correspondence or physically) with the band and whose unique vocal styles compliment the songs in which they are featured. The guest roster also finds the band taking new steps into dreamier, more intimate soundscapes. The featured musicians are:

"Still": Catherine Debard - Sally Paradise (Montreal, Canada)

"So smart": Casey Mecija - Ohbijou (Toronto, Canada)

"After": Sandra Vu - SISU (Los Angeles, USA)

"Hung out": Anne Boutonnat - Marc Desse (Paris, France)

"Hung out": Spooky Bubble - Alligator Indian (Asheville, USA)