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BG083 - PEOPLE//TALK - BG083 CD EP (Compact Disc)

Edition of 150 CDrs in gatefold Digipacks.

Release Date: 03 November 2014

The EP explores the highs and lows of romantic entanglement. A universal theme set against a bright musical backdrop that compliments each twist and turn of the lyrical subject matter.

Recorded by Andy Fernihough in Crash Studios Liverpool, England over three sessions (March, June and July 2014). Written and performed by James, Peter, Philip and Thom.

Artwork by Lee Worrall

People//Talk are:
Peter, Vocals & Guitar
James, Keys/Synth
Thom, Bass
Philip, Drums

1. Remind Yourself
2. Translation
3. I Had A Friend (She Was Alright)
4. Something To Hold Onto
5. Laura

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