• Image of THUNDEREGG - Cosmos

Edition of 125 Red/Blue Splatter 12" w/Gatefold cover
Edition of 125 Black 12" w/Gatefold cover
Release date: 11 MAY 2018

1. Planetarium, Pts 1 & 2
2. As If It Found Someone
3. I Turn Automatic
4. Pleasant Hill
5. Cosmos
6. Stupid Town
7. Where Are the Cars
8. Goddamn Love
9. I Almost Cry
10. Lucky So-and-So
11. Math Song

Bleeding Gold is dropping Thunderegg's full-length vinyl debut, Cosmos, recorded by Alan Weatherhead (Sparklehorse, Magnolia Electric Co.) in Oakland and featuring the Bay Area lineup (Alex Jimenez, bass; Reese Douglas, guitar; André Custodio, drums). Packaged in a deluxe gatefold and exploding with guitars, Cosmos is the Egg's deepest plunge yet into space, blending the usual clever lyrics, sweet melodies, and ragged rocking with a layered roar that begs to be blasted.

LISTEN/Download Here.